Proudest Moment

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 10 of 31 (first posts here: 1, 234, 5, 67, 8, 9, 10)

I’m normally overenthusiastic about questions: give me a question mark and I’ll be fine. There’s only one exception to this unconditional love of mine: “what is your greatest accomplishment?”

Someone asked me that once during a brief interview and it just left me speechless.

It wasn’t a matter of modesty as if telling it out loud would make me look like I was bragging about it, I simply realized that nothing that I had done until then really felt like an accomplishment. I was a good student, but that didn’t have real repercussions on my life. I spoke several languages (not too many, but still a little more than most of the people I knew), but that didn’t feel like an accomplishment either. I was in my 20s and simply had no clue.

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First not-so-celebrity crush

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 9 of 31 (first posts here: 1, 234, 5, 67, 8, 9)

I’m usually not the kind of person who has crushes on celebrities. In fact, I normally have crushes on fictional characters instead (the perks of being a bookworm growing up, lol).

For this and a whole other lot of reasons, I’d say Tom Felton was my first celebrity crush. I’ve always loved lonely and troubled characters and Draco was one of my favorite among the Harry Potter universe (needless to say, Snape comes first).

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2017 Resolutions, a little late

I really tried not to write my annual New Year’s resolutions in the past few weeks because I know from experience I never ever take them seriously once that January’s over.

Here’s what I’m going to do. As you probably noticed by now, I love making lists of stuff, so here’s the list of things I’d love to be better at in 2017.


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