Earliest childhood memory

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 4 of 31 (first posts here: 1, 2, 3)

You know that feeling that time’s passing by so fast that it seems like yesterday that you began high school and here you are, already thinking about graduating from college?

Well, that’s pretty much the leitmotiv of my life lately, especially whenever I happen to see people my age who are starting to build a family (feels pretty odd, to be honest, ‘cause I still feel like I’m way too young to be able to take care of another person, but hey, good for them) and I say to myself “wow, I really am aging fast”.

With that in mind, today’s challenge comes as a nice opportunity to go back in time to the late ‘90s and take a look at how weird I was back then.

I have a couple of very old memories, but one in particular is very funny and I believe it’s the oldest one as well, so that’s a plus.

So, set your clock’s back in time to a cold, Winter evening in the ‘90 and enjoy.

The episode took place during Christmas time when I was around 3. I used to go to a small kindergarten where I had two best friends: a girl, Nicole, and a boy, Francis (who still is).

Due to the smallness of the place and the fact that most of us were first-born children, the parents were very active within that small community and always played a huge role in organizing parties of any sort.

That year, they created a Disney-inspired musical, where anyone (among the adults) played a different character.

The funny thing is, I don’t remember anything about that night but Francis’ Mom, who was this great, super nice and hilarious lady, and was playing Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

In my mind, the whole evening is blurred, but I remember every single detail of that absolutely enormous fairy (don’t know if you remember how she’s dressed, but the costume is huge to say the least, plus I was a very little girl, so it seemed even bigger) and every time I see her – as I said, Frank and I are still best friends, so she sometimes happens to be around – I can’t but think about that episode and smile.

What about you? Do you remember anything of when you were really young? I’d very much like to hear what your first memory is! 🙂

Hope you’re having a nice day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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