101 Things in 1001 Days

I’ve been fascinated by the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge since I first heard of it and I’ve spent the past couple of months coming up with ideas for my own challenge.

A lot of cups of coffee later, here’s what I’ve come up with.

I hope you find this challenge as interesting as I did (and still am) and I’d love to know if any of you have already done it or are thinking to do it in the future!

Start date: Dec 29, 2016
End date: Sep 26, 2019

B E    K I N D
1. Buy a coffee for a stranger
2. Leave a 100% tip
3. Become an organ donor

N E W   T H I N G S
4. Dye my hair a different color
5. Conquer my fear of pictures by going to a professional photographer to get a photo taken
6. Eat at America Graffiti
7. Try out yoga
8. Get a face treatment

L E A R N   T H I N G S
9. Learn how to prepare a perfect cappuccino (WIP, currently working on the cream)
10. Learn how to doodle
11. Learn the basics of sign language
12. Learn the basics of playing the guitar
13. Learn binary code
14. Learn the Russian alphabet
15. Take a class (photography, writing, cooking, anything) completed on Feb 7, 2017 (French 101), Feb 13, 2017 (The Digital Garage)
16. Become almost fluent in French (working on it since Jan 16, 2017)
17. Learn how to tie a tie
18. Learn how to play billiard
19. Learn to pack light (working on it since Jan 9, 2017)
20. Master the art of pen twirling
21. Learn how to use Excel
22. Learn how to use the chopsticks properly (WIP)
23. Learn all the capital cities of the world
24. Learn to crack an egg with one hand like a pro
25. Learn how to wear scarves (20+ years for nothing, guys)
26. Improve my British accent (I always wondered, why is it so easy for British people to brilliantly fake an American accent yet so tough the other way around?)

27. Watch “2001: A Space Odyssey” from beginning to end
28. Watch “Mulholland Drive” completed on Feb 18, 2017
29. Watch a new movie every day for a month
30. Watch “The Godfather” (WIP: 1 of 3)
31. Watch “Die Hard” completed on Jan 22, 2017
32. Read a book that will become a movie
33. Read a not so famous book by Orwell
34. Read “The Man Without Qualities”
35. Read “Ulysses”
36. Read “The Name of the Rose”
37. Read a book by Francis Fukuyama
38. Read “Who killed Roger Ackroyd?” completed in April, 2017
39. Read “The Last Testament: A Memoir by God”
40. Read a book by Richard Dawkins
41. Read “Brave New World” completed on Mar 1, 2017
42. Read “The Trial”
43. Read “The Alchemist”
44. Read “Siddharta”
45. Read “War and Peace”

46. Organize my phone
47. Organize my emails
48. Biological will completed on Feb 19, 2017
49. Give up chocolate for 30 days straight
50. Skype with Pablo completed in April, 2017
51. Organize Pinterest boards
52. Get a new ID card
53. Drink black coffee without wanting to spit it out
54. Go to sleep before midnight every night for a month
55. Organize my internet bookmarks
56. Give up pasta for one month
57. Don’t eat candy for one month
58. Give up meat for one month

59. Visit a new museum
60. Go on a hike
61. Visit a massive aquarium
62. Visit the grave of one person I admired
63. Visit lake Braies
64. Go to Venice (Italy, not LA) completed on Jan 1, 2017; you can read about it in my post “A day in Venice, Italy”
65. Visit a State I’ve never been to
66. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle

67. Buy the Bible with notes
68. Buy a pair of Oxfords completed in April, 2017
69. Buy a small luggage completed in April, 2017
70. Buy packing cubes completed on Jan 9, 2017
71. Buy some stickers to cover the webcam (WIP)
72. Buy a bamboo mat for sushi completed on Feb 22, 2017
73. Buy a plant
74. Buy a piano
75. Buy a marble background for photos (WIP)
76. Buy a black background for photos (WIP)
77. Buy a white background for photos
78. Buy white sheets for photos completed in May, 2017

79. Repair my black bag
80. Make something that resembles sushi completed on Feb 24, 2017
81. Publish a scientific paper
82. Organize my laptop
83. Start a collaboration completed on Jan 20, 2017
84. Take the Mensa test
85. Host a giveaway
86. Write and publish an ebook
87. Create a business
88. Make a stop motion video
89. Enroll and pass a course on edx
90. Organize my Spotify playlists and favorite songs
91. Find my wanted area of expertise completed on Feb 15, 2017
92. Create one piece of clothing
93. Do at least one DIY project
94. Paint a canvas

95. Increase Pinterest followers by 2000 (goal: 4.3k)
96. Increase Instagram followers by 1000 (goal: 3k)
97. Increase blog followers by 500 (goal: 550)
98. Increase Linkedin connections by 20 (goal: 21) completed in May, 2016 (115 and counting)

99. Finish all the previous tasks
100. Put $2 in savings for every goal completed
101. Donate $10 for each failed task



21 thoughts on “101 Things in 1001 Days

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  3. I’m helping you with a couple of these — going to follow you on Pinterest and Instagram! Thanks so much for following us on Oh, the Places We See. We struggle with keeping up with all we’ve seen and done, but we surely do love the active retiree life! Best wishes in all you are trying to do. Your attitude is so positive that you’re an inspiration! — Rusha Sams

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that’s really sweet of you!
      That’s absolutely amazing, I’d love to be in the position to say the same thing 30 years from now!
      Best wishes for all your adventures!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Colleen Newvine Tebeau

    I love your mix of big, ambitious goals — become fluent in French, learn to code, create a business — with simple ones — buy a coffee for a stranger, become an organ donor. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s something on there for the day.

    To pick two easy ones: I bought myself new luggage and packing cubes in 2016 and it makes travel so much easier. I highly endorse suitcases with spinner wheels so you can turn them sideways to get through crowds or between cars in a parking lot. It seems trivial but my last trip home I was so doggone grateful for the right suitcase and the cubes to keep it organized.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, I hope long-term tasks will help me grow, while short-term ones will keep me motivated (it’s very satisfying to cross them over).
      That’s what I heard from everyone I know and I’m really hoping they’ll work for me as well.
      That’s a very good point: I used to have suitcases with “normal” wheels, but since I decided to buy better ones I got two with spinner wheels and it’s actually a great improvement. I’m now looking for a very small one (can’t decide the color) and then I’ll be covered for life!


  5. I love this idea! I love the idea of pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I’m so guilty of not always taking that leap of faith.

    You’ve inspired me to think about doing one of these for myself! So, thank you! Thank you for stopping by and following my blog :). I will definitely do the same for you, as well as go check you out on Instagram & Pinterest! :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you do! I’ve been in that exact situation for the past 20+ years as well and I haven’t really actively tried to get out of it until the last couple of months or so.
      It takes some time, but it should get easier and easier, or at least that’s what people keep telling me, so just keep going, one little step at a time 🙂
      Thank you! Let me know if you write a similar list of your own, I’d be delighted to read it 🙂


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