First not-so-celebrity crush

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I’m usually not the kind of person who has crushes on celebrities. In fact, I normally have crushes on fictional characters instead (the perks of being a bookworm growing up, lol).

For this and a whole other lot of reasons, I’d say Tom Felton was my first celebrity crush. I’ve always loved lonely and troubled characters and Draco was one of my favorite among the Harry Potter universe (needless to say, Snape comes first).

As I was still pretty young when the first movie came out and didn’t know Felton from any of his previous movies, I’ve always found it difficult to separate the actor from the character and ended up liking both.

I’ve been able to make it through that phase mostly thanks to his role in The Flash, but I must admit I still find myself trying to spot Malfoy features in his acting whenever he’s on.

Did you ever have a crush on a celebrity, especially growing up?




26 thoughts on “First not-so-celebrity crush

    1. Let’s be honest, who didn’t? 😉
      Have you seen some of his other movies? If so, can you separate him from the character or do you still think ‘hey, here comes Aragorn’?


    1. I almost forgot about that one! So true, he was such a cutie growing up!
      PS: In my humble opinion, he still is, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t love to be referred to as “cute” in his twenties 😉

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    1. So did I! I probably had a crush on most fictional characters I’ve ever read about, lol. The movies were very disappointing, but now that I think about it, it would have been extremely difficult to fully render the perfection of the character as described in the book.

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      1. Thanks! I’ve actually already decided what I’ll be talking about in my very first post about this challenge (maybe you can use that list to find the inspiration for your next post), so I’m luckily still covered for another couple of months or so 🙂

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    1. Orlando Bloom is pretty much the only reason why I watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies 😉
      Daniel was incredibly cute as well, especially in the first few movies!
      Unfortunately I didn’t see LOTR until very recently, but I knew her for Armageddon and she’s indeniably charming.

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  2. On Screen – Aragorn most definitely
    Sean Bean in Sharpe (sex on legs)
    Alan Rickman in anything
    Mel Gibson in Mrs Soffel
    I’m too old for the Harry Potter characters – they’re younger than my kids!! But I kinda had a thing as a little un for Scott Tracy (Thunderbirds) and Troy Tempest (Stingray) – how weird is that?

    In Books – Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (War and Peace)
    Capt Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion)

    great blog
    Heather x

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    1. Hello Heather!
      My favorite is “Alan Rickman in anything”. I couldn’t have said it better 🙂
      I’m so embarassed I had to google most of them, I absolutely need to broaden my movie culture ASAP.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. First one- Joey Lawrence… watching Blossom as a kid. His album (yes he made music… not very good music) was one of the first cds I ever bought. I’ve always adored Joseph Gordon-Levitt… first from 3rd Rock but literally nothing I’ve not enjoyed watching him in.

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    1. Unfortunately, not only did I never watch Blossom growing up, but I also only first heard of it when Mayim Bialik came to The Big Bang Theory.
      On the other hand, I absolutely love Joseph Gordon-Levitt: talented, funny, handsome, you name it.


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