Sea Turtles (3 min read)

In 2012, while I was spending some time in the UK, my family decided to adopt two sea turtles.

We had talked about if before I left, but it seemed to me like we only liked the idea of having some sort of pets in the house (my father is allergic to cats and my mother doesn’t like dogs) and nobody really wanted to be too involved in taking care of them. On my part, I have an irrational fear of all animals and I was certain I wouldn’t have the guts to do my part, other than feeding them, so I said I didn’t think it was a smart idea to get them.

So, since my family has always valued my inputs immensely, two days after I took off, they went ahead and got those two sea turtles they so desperately wanted. You can imagine my surprise when I came back and found out that two new creatures had joined the family.

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Changes (3 min read)

Hello everyone, how have you all been doing?

These past few weeks have been full of surprises and I’ve got some news concerning the blog, which I hope you’ll like.

First of all, let me draw some context here.

As you may or may not know, a couple of months ago I learned that I’d be collaborating with a professor of mine on a project I’ve been working on for 6 months now.
This – of course – came as a huge (or should I say “yuge”) surprise, but I didn’t really hope it could evolve into anything bigger. Well, I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was.
As it turns out, the initial project is now becoming way more serious than I thought it would be in the first place, and more and more people are getting involved.

This is why I had to take a break from anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary (socials, blog etc) in order to be able to deliver everything in time.

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Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of 30: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

Some time ago, I was talking to a close friend of mine about 2016 and how strange the whole year has been. We ended up creating an expression, “effect 2016”, to describe something incredibly odd and improbable.

After that day, we kept creating new “effects” (for instance, the Agatha Christie effect, aka when you read/watch/eat something so good that your old standards won’t ever satisfy you again) and we even decided to create an effect for each other.

He told me that my effect would be something like: why would you ever choose to do just one thing when you could be doing ten all at once and losing sleep at the same time?

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Writing Challenge: Day 1

Day 1 of 30: List 10 things that make you really happy.

  1. Waking up a couple of minutes before the alarm feeling rested;
  2. Doing boring activities with interesting people;
  3. When I’m having some troubles figuring something out, the moment when everything clicks and I know exactly what to do;
  4. While watching a movie, being surprised by something I hadn’t seen coming;
  5. Making lists;
  6. Being able to share my point of view with someone I admire knowing that they’re listening to what I’m saying;
  7. Q&As;
  8. When people I don’t know that well call me by name while saying hi;
  9. Falling in love, before it hurts;
  10. Intellectual epiphanies.

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Timeline Of My Day

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 14 of 31 (first posts here: 1, 234, 5, 67, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

Our second semester started a couple of days ago and – being just a week in – I couldn’t but appreciate the timing of the next topic on my 31 days blog challenge list.

This timeline’s still a work in progress since I’m not sure which lessons I’m actually going to follow, but at least it gives me a rough idea of what I should be doing at any given time.

Here we go:


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What’s In My Bag

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 13 of 31 (first posts here: 1, 234, 5, 67, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

As you probably already know, I spent the last couple of weeks studying and even if I really tried, I simply couldn’t find the time to write. So, here I am, two weeks later with an unusual post.

If you read my 101 things in 1001 days list, you know that I’ve been meaning to create a stop motion video. As I don’t feel like I’m already that experienced to be able to just go for it and hope it comes out well, I decided to start small. Baby steps.

Since my next topic on the 31 days blog challenge was “what’s in my bag?” and I’ve been a pretty lazy person lately, I thought it’d be nice to actually show you what’s in my bag.

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French: Progress

As I may or may not know, some time ago I decided to start learning French and enrolled in a course for beginners.

Since the course ended (last week today), though, I set all of it aside and focused on other things, some of which are more important at the moment, while others aren’t nearly as valuable (I can’t miss the new episode of Suits, can I?).

Now that the second semester’s about to begin and I’m sure I’ll find it more and more difficult to take some time to keep studying French, I decided to write the following list of topics from a grammar book I found a couple of weeks ago and I’m going to try to finish 2/3 lessons per week.

I’m curious to see whether having a list will motivate me to do more and – above all – keep going.

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