Sea Turtles (3 min read)

In 2012, while I was spending some time in the UK, my family decided to adopt two sea turtles.

We had talked about if before I left, but it seemed to me like we only liked the idea of having some sort of pets in the house (my father is allergic to cats and my mother doesn’t like dogs) and nobody really wanted to be too involved in taking care of them. On my part, I have an irrational fear of all animals and I was certain I wouldn’t have the guts to do my part, other than feeding them, so I said I didn’t think it was a smart idea to get them.

So, since my family has always valued my inputs immensely, two days after I took off, they went ahead and got those two sea turtles they so desperately wanted. You can imagine my surprise when I came back and found out that two new creatures had joined the family.

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